Robin Tripp MCSP Lic Ac  . Qualified in 1976 in Remedial Gymnastics & Recreational Therapy, Chartered Physiotherapist in 1984 , studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture 1994 .

 Having been a very keen sportsman over many years playing Rugby, Squash, Cycling, Running, Golf and other sports I have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of injury, infact I have suffered many sprains, contusions, fractures and Orthopaedic operations, so I have first hand knowledge of the rehabilitation processes required to get back to sport or back to full function. I now mostly play Golf and have realised how important flexibility is in playing consistently, it is vitally important also in the rehabilitation process from injury, it does not matter if you play sport or not the treatment and rehabilitation are very similar.  

The practice is fully equipped with Ultrasound, Interferential Therapy and rehabilitation equipment.

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